USES® Commercial Shunt Efficiency Systems

Power Shaver® and its authorized dealers of the USES® technology offer a unique three phase Shunt Efficiency System for commercial and industrial applications.

These state of the art, three phase Shunt Efficiency Systems, provide maintenance free kW and kWh reduction solutions to industries around the world along with surge protection, power conditioning and safe resonance free power factor correction.

Please consider the experiences and testimonies below along with those on our projects page and contact Power Shaver now to begin saving at your facility.

The USES® technology is available through the Federal Department of General Services Schedule 70: Cooperative Purchasing and Surge Suppressor.

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Satisfied Customers

Power Shaver®, some of our professional distributors and USES® invite you to consider this short list of valuable satisfied customers.

The valuable result of eliminating the voltage interruptions is an increase in production and revenue by 8.5% while reducing our cost to operate by 11.36%

John Poma, Isola

The actual energy reductions and savings have exceeded the proposed expectations.

Anthony Sylvain, Washington Post

USES® is in fact exceeding expectations in realized energy and cost savings.

Ajay Pothen, Marriott

USES® has reduced the Daily Republics energy and cost of power by an average of 24% which is twice as much as was guaranteed.

T. Burt Mcnaughton, Daily Republic