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USES® Residential Shunt Efficiency Systems

There is a residential option besides solar to reduce your kWh consumption twenty four hours a day that will pay for it's self much quicker than solar. The Universal Shunt Efficiency System, USES®,model XL-R will also provide superior power conditioning and surge protection.

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USES® Commercial Shunt Efficiency Systems

The Universal Shunt Efficiency System, USES®, is a superior magnetic field induction technology for commercial and industrial facilities that are needing to reduce their kW demands, kWh consumption, electrical cost to operate and power factor & reactive penalties. The USES® XL three phase efficiency system is unmatched in ability and performance. Find out why you should own it..

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About USES®

USES® is the industry name for the modular, passive resonance free, magnetic field induction, Universal Shunt Efficiency System. The USES® technology is proven over many years and by many certifications and companies world wide to be a superior product to capacitive power factor correction and power conditioning devices.

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Do you pay for more KW than you actually use?

Green Solutions
Commercial & Residential Efficiency Systems.

Power Shaver® is the manufacturer’s national and international distributor for the Universal Shunt Efficiency System, USES®. Our technology is UL, CSA, and GSA verified and has been installed in homes and facilities  for over 24 years. Power Shaver offers a global network of authorized technology distributors that are specially trained to assess the specific needs of our customers and to apply the most beneficial Energy Saving System to reduce energy use and costs, while protecting against poor electrical conditions, surges and lags in power supply.

Power Shaver® offers standard and custom-designed modular efficiency and protection systems that are installed in parallel to the electrical system to reduce the kW demand and kWh consumption from the utility provider. Contact Power Shaver® now to save in your facility.

  • Reduce Demand & Consumption

    The USES® technology incorporates proprietary choke technology to reduce your kW demand and consumption.

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  • Reduce Harmonic Distortion

    The USES® passive resonance free technology improves power quality by reducing harmful, non power, waveform distorting harmonic currents.

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  • Reduce Greenhouse Gases & Carbon Footprint

    Implementing the USES® technology is proven to reduce kW & kVa demands and kWh consumption to perform the same work. Reducing the demand for power and energy reduces the demand for natural resources consumed to produce the power and energy as well as the greenhouse gasses produced while extracting the resource and consuming it in the process of production. USES® will reduce your carbon footprint on our planet.

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  • Convert Transient Energy

    USES® employs "self healing" or non degrading choke technology as one of its surge protection methods. USES® chokes absorb harmful transients above your operational voltage and shunts the energy to the adjacent phases to be injected as safe usable power used in the phase balancing process thus recovering a percentage of wasted energy and loss that is inherent to all electrical circuits.

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  • Increase Equipment Life

    It is a known and proven fact that friction and heat degrades and shortens the life expectancy of all types of electrical equipment. USES® employs 5 proven methods of energy reduction and power quality improvement through its proprietary chokes all which reduce the total current demanded to perform the same work. When reducing current draw and impedance while increasing overall power quality and efficiency, heat is reduced in equipment and facilities prolonging equipment life and reducing cooling costs.

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  • Increase Power Factor

    USES® employs proprietary chokes in the process to reduce the non power kVar or magnetic field demand by the customer to correct their Power Factor. All facilities demand real working power, known as kW and non power,KVar, Kilovolt amp reactance, or magnetic fields for inductive loads such as motors to operate. USES® provides the non power Kvar to the facility through our safe resonance free method thus reducing the demand for this non power current from the power company. This reduction of demand has many benefits. First, you increase the capacity of the companies circuit buy reducing non essential currents, second, by reducing these current demands from the utility company you may reduce or eliminate any financial demand power factor penalty and reduce the default penalty of being billed for a portion of non power currents as kWh. The power company has to generate the kVar that we all require so they do charge you for it one way or another. So it is best to provide your own reactive power internally and experience all of the added benefit that USES® additionally provides as well.

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  • Protect From voltage transients, Surges and sags

    USE® employs two forms of superior surge and spike protection. First, our "self healing" or non degrading proprietary chokes that absorb the transients and shunt them to the adjacent phases through our phase balancing methods as usable safe power. The second is an industry standard known as MOVs or Metal Oxide Varistors. MOVs absorb and disperse excess voltage until a voltage set point is reached whereas the MOV will sacrifice itself to protect the loads it is connected to. The uses® surge protection includes high power dispensation, peak pulse currents and max surge currents intended to protect the customer in the short time period between an electrical occurrence and the reaction of their internal breakers tripping. Please see our voltage specific product specification sheets.

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Why Choose Us?

Why We Are Different

The USES® proprietary choke design renders our five methods of energy reduction and conditioning methods to be passive and resonance free. The USES® technology can be installed in any AC electrical environment without the negative effects of typical capacitors which distort sine waves, exaggerate harmonics and cause harm to electrical equipment. The USES® system can be installed directly on the line side of any VFD, DC Drive, server center or control system without causing interference.


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