Residential electrical demand reduction verification recordings

The residential demand reduction and efficiency increase verifications below validate the benefit provided by the USES® XL-R single phase unit on this home.

In order to discern the total demand reduction benefit to the small, 3 kW demand home in this recording you would add the reduction benifit of phase 1 and 2 together.

In this case, at the current load, USES® reduced the total and per phase demands  by an approximate average of  the on-to-off and off-to-on changes by the following: 175 watts total, 500 voltamp total, 800 var per phase, 4 amps per phase, with a fraction of a volt increase per phase, and efficiency or Power Factor increase of .06 or 6.5% over all. Most homes demand much more power so the more power your home demands, the harder USES® will work for you and ther greater the results will be.

Residential demands and usage change constantly throughout the day and drastically between the cold and hot seasons of the year This is because of seasonal loading such as A/C units, pool equipment, attic fans, etc.The USES ® XL-R units instantly adapt to the current demands and efficiency so the demand  reductions will increase at higher loads in the less efficient times of the year, resulting in greater annual energy and dollar savings for the customer.