USES® History

USES® MFG INC. is the manufacturer of a line of electrical energy conservation and power conditioning products. It is a licensee of USES, Inc., developer of the product’s technologies. The Company’s principal product is the USES® Shunt Efficiency System, a solid state, power conditioning device which reduces the electrical energy that must be supplied by the utility company to operate electrical loads. It also offers protection from voltage transient surges and spikes and from secondary lightning effects.

The Corporation’s lineage is traced to the establishment, in 1980, of a Connecticut-based electronic design and electrical contracting company. The shunt efficiency system has evolved, in part, from a lightning surge protector specifically designed and built for a client. Based upon the success of that design, USES, Inc. was formed in 1990 to further pursue development of electrical energy conservation and power conditioning products.  USES® MFG INC. was formed in 1993 to concentrate on manufacturing the USES® products along with other research and development efforts focused on further applications of the USES® technology.

The USES® technology is available through the Federal Department of General Services Schedule 70: Cooperative Purchasing and Surge Suppressor.