Who Is Power Shaver And What Do We Do?

Power Shaver Energy Saving Systems is the global distributor of the Universal Shunt Efficiency System, USES®, for USES® MFG Inc.

Power Shaver implements, authorizes, trains and assists our USES® distribution network in the proper methods of assisting their customers with the USES® technology.

Power Shaver along with USES® MFG Inc. has developed very specific processes and procedures for its authorized dealers in order for them to properly assess their customer’s facility for the application of the USES® technology.  These processes include electrical usage and demand history investigation, specific installation design methods and post installation verification procedures to validate the USES® systems performance.

Power Shaver uses specific types of power quality analyzers and data loggers specifically designed to capture the information needed to design a system to verify its performance. All Power Shaver dealers of the USES® technology are trained in the proper use of this special equipment.

The USES® technology is available through the Federal Department of General Services Schedule 70: Cooperative Purchasing and Surge Suppressor.